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A retarded person. This term for "retard" is derived from a YouTube comment posted by Joseph Man9062 in which the user has written "you are rarted".

Rart is to rarted as retard is to retarded.
Chad: "Vaccines gave my kid autism."
An intellectual: "No they didn't, you fucking rart."
by fastyodeling June 07, 2018
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Rarts is a game formed in the small village called New cumnock where
Two opponents compete in a skilled throwing competition. Basically its darts
With red chip stones (rarts) so you start with twenty rarts each and stand
Ten feet from a drain then throw your rarts in turns. whoever gets the most

Points wins. The scoring system if your rart rolls in 1 point if the rart goes straight

In 2 points trick shot I.e under leg,jump shot 4 points finally facing away from the

Drain without looking 15 points. You need to win 3 games to win a set and 3 sets

To win the competition. If you end a game tied you enter sudden death

Where u the gets 5 rarts whoever scores most wins. Prize can be a bet between

You and your opponent.
The Game rarts is to play outdoors when boredom occurs.very competitive once
You start.
by wuzz22 September 23, 2010
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When you really need to go for a shit and it suddenly catches you off guard. You have to stop everything you are doing, even if you are in the middle of a converstion with someone. you then run to the nearest toilet at the suprise of anyone watching. as you run, you uncontrollably fart, suprising even yourself! but often enough it is funny for all involved, it depends how well you know the witness
"i was rarting all the way to the toilet"
by Lord Twattington January 05, 2008
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Rart is commonly used to refer to someone as a retard.
Hes a rart.
by KIedgendary September 05, 2018
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Rarts; some stupid white boy who needs the shit kicked outtve him
Rarts is a white boy...
by Koal June 28, 2003
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