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A much much cooler version of the word radical, typically only used by cool kidz. However, 'rard' can be used to express either a positive response or negative.
Tim " did you see Julia eating out of the bin yesterday?"

Alex "argh narr dude thats rard"


Ruby "hey, did you see Tim totally ,like, freestyle the other day, it was so rard! You got some juice on your mouth by the way,it's kinda rard"

Julia " oh sorry, I had a wierd lunch."
by YouKnow...ThatGuy August 08, 2018
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a slightly more politically correct version of "retard" also, fewer syllables, and so easier to say whilst wasted.
"oh ma goddd tulleh, you iz such a rard"
"look i left the t out of tree. i am such a rard"
by candiclaus October 29, 2006
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