1. (Sport) A game where two people play in a large retangular room with a tall ceiling. The court has 2 large parrallel red lines across it the short way at about the middle.

The server stands in between the two lines on either side(depending whether he is left- or right-handed). He hits the raquetball to the far wall, the ball then would bounce back ant the other player runs and hits it back to the far wall, when it bounces back the second time the server has to hit it.

The game continues like this until one person misses. If the server misses the other player serves. If the other player misses the server gets a point and he serves again.

2. (An almost quote) A game where you can simultaneously be looking at the ball and feel it hit you in the back of the head. (As made famous by Brian Regan)

3. (Object) The small blue, green, or red rubber/foamish-feeling ball used in the sport Raquetball.

4. One of the most beastly-ass games you could ever play, EVAR
1. Yesterday I played raquetball at the Health Club

2. Brian Regan is a funny guy

3. I got hit in the face with a raquetball

4. Raquetball= BEASTLY
by blu3hat + S1appy December 30, 2011
a britsish sport similar to squash.
I am very good at raquetball!
by JOHNSON October 17, 2003
A more exciting form of raquetball with two or more people where the objective of the game is to hit the other competitors. An order will be chosen by whomever decides to go first, second, third, and so on. The first person serves the ball, then the second person attempts to aim correctly and hit another competitor. If they miss the next person goes and it keeps going until someone gets hit. Then the person that gets hit, serves and the order continues normally, so if the third person gets hit, they serve and the fourth person has to hit someone and so on. A person loses once the get hit three times, once someone gets three strikes they leave the court in shame. You can hit anywhere on a persons body and the whole court is used for escaping. This game is not meant for people that will cry if they get hit in the face. Any form of trash talking is accepted and being loud is neccessary.
"Yo, Qvan. I don't know how to play raquetball."
"Me neither."
"You wanna just try to hit each other with the ball and give it a badass name?"
Thus Cambodian Raquetball was born.
by Cambodian King June 15, 2012
when two people are playing call of duty on xbox live and start shooting at each other like they are playing raquetball.
dude wtf are those two guys doing? "ohh their just playing russian raquetball just ignore those noobs."
by jackassjsjd February 4, 2013