3 definitions by blu3hat + S1appy

1. A vile, evil little bastard excuse of a bug
2. Someone who is cocky all the time
1. AAAUUUGHH! theres that fucking cockroach again!
2. Dude stop being a cockroach theres no way she`ll go out with you
by blu3hat + S1appy December 30, 2011
1. To have sex with someone of a different race

2. To have sex with multiple people of different races

3. To have sex with multiple people of different races at the same time (orgy)
1. _I dont get it

__Its cuz of the multiple colors on the rubik`s cube


2. I want to commit rubik`s cube sex to you, Shaniqua, Ching, and Larry

3. *An Explanation of the Definition of Rubik`s Cube Sex For Dummies*
There is a yellow side of the rubik`s cube. That= asian
There is a white side of the rubik`s cube. That= white people
There is black under the rubik`s cube`s stickers. That= black people
There is a red side of the rubik`s cube. That= Indian people
by blu3hat + S1appy December 17, 2010
1. (Sport) A game where two people play in a large retangular room with a tall ceiling. The court has 2 large parrallel red lines across it the short way at about the middle.

The server stands in between the two lines on either side(depending whether he is left- or right-handed). He hits the raquetball to the far wall, the ball then would bounce back ant the other player runs and hits it back to the far wall, when it bounces back the second time the server has to hit it.

The game continues like this until one person misses. If the server misses the other player serves. If the other player misses the server gets a point and he serves again.

2. (An almost quote) A game where you can simultaneously be looking at the ball and feel it hit you in the back of the head. (As made famous by Brian Regan)

3. (Object) The small blue, green, or red rubber/foamish-feeling ball used in the sport Raquetball.

4. One of the most beastly-ass games you could ever play, EVAR
1. Yesterday I played raquetball at the Health Club

2. Brian Regan is a funny guy

3. I got hit in the face with a raquetball

4. Raquetball= BEASTLY
by blu3hat + S1appy December 30, 2011