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Women who think (or tell lies) that they have been raped, if a man even looks in their general direction. They usually have Borderline Personality Disorder, are feminists / feminazis and SJWs all at the same time.
Often these freaks have suffered a crap childhood and grow up with a warped sense of what sex is and what rape/sexual assault is.
Most of the #metoo women are rapetards.

These girls/women often make multiple false rape/sexual assault accusations during their lifespan, and are particularly active in this area from their mid teens to mid 30s.

They are also easily recognised by their absolute obsession with rape, and that they have been raped, often when this is not the case.
Pete - Hi Jenny. Fancy going for a meal later and then the cinema?

Jenny - I'm getting my hair dyed blue again. But after that I'd love to. I want to go see Oceans 8 or the new (feminazi) Ghostbusters?

Pete - Sorry Jenny, but I don't pay money to watch SJW trash movies like that. (Pete starting to recognise danger signs). How about we just go for a bite to eat in a very public place?

Jenny - You just raped me, you piece of shit. (Jenny dials the police, who come and arrest Pete, despite there being no proof, and his name is all over the papers a few weeks later).

Pete (at Trial) - Your honour, Jenny is a rapetard.

The Judge - I know, she just accused me of raping her when I called for Order in Court a few minutes ago. Case dismissed. Jenny, go cut your wrists and take an overdose or something, and don't phone a friend after doing so!
by MamboXXX July 25, 2018
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1. A person who, for reasons of emotional, psychological or intellectual deficits, can't distinguish between skepticism of rape culture and supporting rape

2. The vast majority of feminists
Feminist X is a rapetard, he called MRA Y a rape supporter because she said rape culture was bullshit
by Mr Funny May 30, 2013
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A retard spawned or otherwise conceived through the process of rape, or a person (retarded or not) conceived through rape in which the rapist was retarded.
That guy's creepy. I think he's a rapetard!
by nathanmcnathan May 16, 2009
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Any person who is willing to do anything that is mildly retarded just to get a laugh. This often results in them "raping" themselves doing great bodily harm.
Dude you should jump out of the car.


It'd be funny.


Your a fuckin' Rapetard dude.
by JuSt Dragon Slayers May 09, 2009
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