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a person who is going to get tied up in a rape dungeon and be forcefully raped (the worst kind of rape)
also known as a "Jen Martin" or "josef fritzls mate"

Famous Rapee's
During the Edo Period of japan (aboloshied in 1887) famous Dj Tiesto was a Rapee to a oversized bottle of clams.
That bitch is gonna be my jen martin, that right shes ma rapee and she dont even know it yet.
by Suloh April 19, 2011
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If you ever go to jail/prison you must quickly decide upon entrance if you are a rapist or a rapee. If you are lucky, you will be a rapist.

Option A:
Rapist- does the raping. Its not gay if its YOUR penis being sucked.

Option B:
Rapee- Long story short: Your ass is a planet waiting to be explored by desperate men.

These 'asstronauts' are on a mission to explore URanus.
this act is also known as 'dropping the soap'
If I was to go to jail, I'd be a rapist than a rapee anyday! My diginity is the only thing i get to keep in that hell hole!
by conviktmindsz February 04, 2010
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