The awesome ability to rap. Not just an ability but a superhero power.
by awesomerthaneminem January 11, 2012
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1. Adj. A person who is attractive enough to make the struggle of raping them worth while.
Ijjima: "Brown san, have you seen the new female LT?"

LCpl Brown: " yeah, you mean Lt Hottie?"

Ijjima: "So you think shes good looking then?"

LCpl Brown: "Oh yeah! Shes Definitley Rapable"
by BROSKEW June 21, 2009
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A person who is easy to make a rap about.
For example, having a name, such as Vlad, which rhymes with many words, therefore allowing Vlad to be 'rapable'.
Erica: His name is Vlad
Tania: Wow, what a cool name, it rhymes with so many words. He's so rapable.
by Roman Zlatan June 29, 2009
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the art of talking a female into getting anything you want, A mans skills at running game.
Based on my verbal rapability, she pays my bills, gives me her car, and let's me stay at her place all the time.
by joey f August 12, 2005
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