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Randina rendiyan is a person who typically dwells in r/india who despises all things about India, rejects Indianness, hates Dharmic thought, larps on useless Western popculture. A person whose essence rests on self-loathing and self-harm. His/her life's ambition is to emigrate. A typical Randian disses India on internet forum to suck up to their western masters.
Randy: Gosh I hate India, it's such a shithole.
Swamy: Such an exorbitant hatred for India, you must be a randian.
by roytrivia June 17, 2018
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A person of Indian origin who may or may not live in India but hates India with the passion of a thousand suns. Such people when exhaust one excuse of hating India , looks for alternate theories which eventually get more and more tin-foil in nature. Classically they are Hinduphobes, but some can show Islamophobia and majority of them want to separate India into more different countries. This often arises because of a deep feeling of self loathing and low confidence that they have for themselves which they thus project it outwards to blame others (more specifically India, it's people and the government) since they are too meek to act on their problems themselves.

A randian can be identified by several characteristics . They often lie and make up theories but when presented with facts, they lie a bit more. Any attempts to argue with randians should be avoided for the sake of one's mental health.
Hey, Did you read that comment thread on r/india ? They were so misinformed in that thread.
Yeah, well they are randians. They make it a point of their life to stay misinformed.
by aakthootatti June 11, 2018
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A person who in a bid to attempt "intellectual" often hates India and Hinduism. Who advocate for peace and equality only to satisfy thir own feeling of moral superiority . He thinks he's above the average Indian but is basically a part of what's just a huge circle jerk that no one in India or for that matter anywhere in the world takes seriously.
Often to reassure themselves that they aren't living in a bubble, randians come up with wild conspiracy theories like EVM hacking etc. To ensure that the bubble remains intact, a randian relies on someone called a "mod" who bans everyone that questions randia under the ambiguous tag "meta". The average randian is mostly a male who's a 2.8 lpa wage cuck and They have very little identity in real life and hence try to find the meaning of life on randia but just end up jerking off of each other's posts and comments by upvoting anything that feeds their bias and downvoting anything that goes against it. Modi is the point person of randians incase anything goes wrong in the country. If, tomorrow, your dog dies, you could come to randia and blame modi for it and by the end of the day, a couple of hundred randians would have upvoted your post.
Hypocrisy is a key trait of randians, they often eat their own words to ensure that their narrative remains intact.
When the randian was fired from his job ,he started to scream EMIGRATE .
by keepScrooling June 11, 2018
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