Derived from 'random', 'randomer'.

To describe an individual with whom you are unfamiliar with:
'Who is that rands?'

Additionally, to voice displeasure at the actions of another:
'Stop being such a rands'.

Furthermore, 'rands' can be often combined with other words: for example 'silly rands' and 'randy rands', for added effect.
Don't be a pansy and come to the public house you rands!
by Rands101 June 27, 2011
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Rand is a cute and hot girl.
rand will have two big hazel eyes and a big heart

she is tended to be short with shortand messy-ish hair and a messed up eyebrow game.
she usually disobeys the teachers will
she will most commonly own a youtube channel and name it something weird.
rand is good-ish at basketball and bad at swimming
Rand she loves to copy yarahs all over the world and loves sayng cute
rand will kill the person that says the word random
i like her
u caant get her she is a rand
by rzsamboosa January 31, 2017
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a girls name that loves to play sports and plays the piano loves art and moves everywhere and nowhere at the same time. sometimes can be a bitch but is a good human she is born in 2004 or 1993. she is born at the time with the monkey at the time of the Chinese new year monkey and also is funny sometimes can be anything and what u to fight with her. she is afraid and loves to punch people thinks about the right for girls and boys.she is very cocky and always want to win. Rand is a class clown and is very funny.
Rand is a good basketball player and is very cocky

Rand is always trying to win

Ya I know she is funny tho and still plays with everyone
by TVD [The Vampire Diaries] September 23, 2017
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v. To alienate your base by trying to appeal to a larger base.
The more he Rands, the less I like him.
by fredautonom May 13, 2015
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n. A woman who "loves 'em and leaves 'em"
"She's such a rand!"
"He shouldn't even try dating her; she's a rand."
by Éowyn Altariel November 24, 2012
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Rand is a strange girl, with 2 big honey-colored eyes, and thicc eyebrows.
She can be a real cutie at times and sometimes really dumb.
Rand is a pretty awkward person and when it comes to social situations, she sucks.
She tries really hard to blend in with the crowd and doesn't like being the center of attention.
It may seem that she doesn't care most times, but it's the complete opposite.
Rand is also random, (which is ironic because of the name)
She loves animals, is great at drawing, and talks TOO MUCH !

Rand is a person who gets easily insecure and secretly is super sensitive.
Man, that Rand is rad.

I wonder if Rand shops at Randalls
Rand is so RANDOM!
by saturnflower April 26, 2019
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A rand is a girl that’s gonna strike you with her seductive eyes and firey personality. She walks like slow, heads up high, like she owns the place. She’s charming, sultry, and seductive. People are just so struck by the way she looks, acts, and talks that they either love her or hate the shit out her. But don’t be afraid to talk to her she’ll talk to u right away, don’t be dumb and start talking to her about day to day stuff, she’s a girl with a firey attitude and a lot of ambition she’s always on the go for something greater she’s not gonna want to waste her time with convos that don’t mean a thing. If you wanna be her man, never be boring she move on right away. Simply because she knows who she is, she understands her unique beauty and believe me she knows she can get better, so u have to do a lil work over her and keep her interested. she loves to argue mainly because she has so much feelings when it comes to life, her passion is dangerous, and her compassion for others is contagious, although she pretends to be tough there’s always this little girl playing around inside of her. Don’t be scared by how edgy she is she just doesn’t like to conform she’ll do the simplest stuff in the most bizarre ways, like never drinking coffee but with coconut milk or refusing to wear her on any side but the middle. She loves and hates with passion there’s no inbetweens with this girl and that’s mainly why she’s so magnetic and she understands the power she owns very well.
Rands A woman From different planet, man”
by Experiencedher January 19, 2018
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