When something or someone is yuck, filthy or smells horrible and stomach turning. pretty much the most disgusting thing ever.
"In Year 4 Cam got kicked out of school for eating bugs" said Alec
"Thats Absolutely Rancid Bra Chat Soul bra" said Cam
by Potato for a heart May 10, 2020
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Slang term for something totally awesome or absolutely amazing. Similar to gnarly i.e. something that goes beyond radical or extreme.
Dude I went to Cuba in the summer. It was totally rancid!!!!
by Plumburgercheese May 26, 2009
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To describe someone or something as rancideous is to say that they are the absolute epitome of being ugly or unpleasant.
That person over there is so completeley rancideous that if I have to continue looking at him, my eyes are going to explode and my head will catch fire.

This meal is rancideous. I hate it. You have insulted me by asking me to eat it. I wish you would die.
by beingmrkenny April 28, 2006
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a word that describes something that is disgusting.
Fran: Oh gross, did u fart?
Jim: Yeah.
Fran: Thats so rancid.
Jim: Yeah.
Harriet: Get those shoes out of my room!
Mark: Why?
Harriet: Look at them! They're rancid!
by b3c September 12, 2005
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A form of rancid flatulence that makes you want to rip out your anus.
I have got reet bad rancides, I am going to rip out my anus.
by Bez April 4, 2003
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Best punkrock band ever period.
some guy : why is rancid the best punkrock band in the world ?

me : just go listen to ...and out come the wolves
by Barmin May 25, 2006
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Wicked punk rock band with an amazing sound. Featuring Modern Punk Rock Legend Lars Frederikson. Authors of such songs as: Ruby Soho, Time Bomb.
Destination, U-u-unkown... Ruby Ruby, Ruby Ruby Soho
by Matt The Dude April 4, 2003
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