a brick of noodles you throw in a pot. most people live off of this. most referable to college guys, middle aged guys living by self, and noobs kicked out by their girlfriends.
College guy: Hey, man wh... uh..what are you doing?

Guy surrounded by countless ramen packages: Eating some damn ramen
by somepersonwhohasnothingtodo December 15, 2008
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The meal between dinner and breakfast. Usually happening around 3am.
Dude! I can totally go for Ramen now... I'm down
by kobs11 September 17, 2010
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The only thing you can blow, suck, chew and swallow in public without looking like a perv.
Guy 1: "Let's videotape me eating ramen and sell it on the webz."
Guy 2: "Ok"
by Me Tarzan November 11, 2007
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what college kids and janitors live off of.....dried slab of noodles that you cook for 3 minutes and then add sodium-enriched seasoning of all flavors to. requires knowledge of stove.
by etchasketch October 21, 2003
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The traditional end to a prayer in the Pastafarian faith. The word is spoken to give praise to his noodleyness the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Very similar to Amen which is used in various religions.
"and when thou reaches heaven thou shall partake of the holy beer volcano and be merry."

by voice of the FMS January 28, 2011
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ramen: the best food to eat when you can't afford anything more than 30 cents, a brick of dried noodles that you boil for 2 minutes and then throw in the condensed powder flavoring and... wa-la!
bill: hey, guess we're down to our last dimes. we'll starve.

bob: you kidding? we'll live off ramen noodles.

by kristen June 28, 2003
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Japanese instant noodles which come in cup or block form, popular with college students (who can't afford anything else) and otaku (who just like anything Japanese). As a connoisseur of cheap DIY meals, I've developed means of assigning ramen a rating on a scale of zero to four stars: One half-star for every flavor packet beyond the first, one star if it comes in its own cup, an extra half star if that comes with its own meat or vegetables, and a star and a half if the dry noodles don't remind me of Play-Doh.
Ramen's not as good as lo mein, but I got it at 1/40 the price the Jade Dragon was charging.
by Xyzzy May 30, 2005
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