A term used commonly in poker, but has been used to change the subject, or to say this when you have really no other intelligent answer... it fills in the void, and can cause a few good laughs now in there. You can Raise which is to increase the bet(in poker) or you can say RAISE at random and have a good laugh at this nonesense word, everyone will be none the wiser. Rooty Roundhouse Dump
Dennis: Man, what the hell came over you, why would you say that?
Hugh: Raise
Dennis: Man... what the hell
Hugh: hahahahhahah
Lucy Loaf: Sooo Hugo, I was wondering if u wanted to come to my place later and...
Hugo Hugeload: Raise
Lucy Loaf: raise the price? im not cheap you know.
by Springrole Dump December 17, 2006
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A slang term used in Leicester by high school kids, meaning money. When they ask for a raise, they are not supposed to pay you back. What the money is for you Ask? I don’t know. Drugs, sweets, chocolate whatever.
Boy: yo drop me a raise

Girl: o-okay *reaches in to her pocket and pulls out a pound*

Boy: safe
by krrkrr February 17, 2018
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To make a statement that is untrue. To exaggerate a story to benefit the storyteller.
Kyle Mallach says he smokes cigars, but that’s a raise up because he ain’t never found puffin’
by BOTL police May 22, 2018
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