A 700-page (hardcover) book by Tom Clancy, ex-SEAL John Clark forms a super secret multi-national anti-terrorism group, codenamed " Rainbow". Since Clark is the commander, he is known as "Rainbow Six".

It was then Red Storm Entertainment decided to turn Tom Clancy's story into a video game, and has become a huge success.
Gamer: Dude, wanna play a game of Rainbow Six 3 on XBox?
Reader: Nah, the book's way better.
by Gearbox January 26, 2005
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Having six gay men, cum in your ass at the same time.
Last night at a club in La, I got Rainbow Sixed by a few large Bears.
by kingkrazy May 25, 2019
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Quite possibly the best game ever created for Xbox, Rinabow Six 3 is a game that uses real world weapons and swat tactics to take down counter terrorist organizations. Also very enjoyable when played on xbox live in the game type mode "Team Survival".

some slang found only on RS3-
Kills In a Round
0- doughnut, cheerio, fruit loop
1- twinky
2- bendy straw
3- butcrack, working man's smile, blue collar smile
4- pizza slice with attitude
5- omgcrazystraw, crazy straw
6- yo-yo, sperm, half-cancer
8- Rainbow
n00b-Oh Em Gee you got a rainbow!! I got a doughnut :-/
wtf1337zor- n00b! go eat your fruit loop's you fatass!
n00b-that's not very nice
wtf1337zor- haha faggot you just got wtfpwned you loser!
n00b- i'll have none of your sauce..finish your pancakes!
by OH EM GEE CRAZY STRAW June 8, 2005
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A game that involves a 5v5 team battle, where you need to work together to win. In Casual, it's filled with cringe and raging normies who shit on you if you fuck up once. In Ranked, you meet some chill people but sometimes they are annoying as fuck as well.
OMG!!! SMOKE WAS IN THE OTHER ROOM!! *insert annoying long ass speech from a player in Rainbow Six Siege*
by thisnameshouldntbetaken October 29, 2019
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An awesome game that is extremely fun to play. Although you cannot sprint or jump it, the elite creation makes up for it. 2 was npt as good as the first when it comes to the online, but 2 is still great game.
Man i just got my third bar in Rainbow Six Vegas!
by kyleman36 January 30, 2008
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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege is a first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft.
Gamer: Fucking downgrades, Ubisoft fucked up AGAIN! What happened to the Rainbow Six Siege beta trailer graphics?

Me: Just shut the fuck up and play the game.
by DankShr00ms June 16, 2016
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