Owned in an ubelievably humiliating way.
Joe was wtfpwned by John after he stole his girlfriend and screwed his mom.
by pyrez July 5, 2003
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V. To be taken by suprise and dominated on by another.
"That newbie gnome mage tried to take the flag back to his base and got wtfpwned by my pyroblast."
by Koruptwon August 8, 2006
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wtf meaning "what the fuck" an extreme lack of understanding something that just happened to the person making the statment.
pwned meaning Owned being bested without any chance of retaliation.
wtfpwned meaning the person does not understand how they where bested without having a chance for retaliation.
a group of 8 adult human's gang up on 1 small child and take the child's candy, in a short matter of time.

They Wtfpwned him!
by Typo91 March 27, 2005
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to defeat with impunity and great cheer
The dungeon having been wtfpwned earlier, Krennick had no choice but to sit down, cry, and redo his master plan.
by Spirit of Sidi May 9, 2003
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An exclamation used by immature gamers in many online games.

Sometimes used as an abbrevation of "What the fuck, Owned," but not necessarily.
"OMMFG, we were WTFPWNED!"
by Xeno January 7, 2004
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