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The most sexy, intelligent mysterious boy with a dark past that will need to really trust you to share it with you! He can read your thoughts and play games with your mind making you even more addicted to his personality!. He is always interested in everything and will never stop asking questions he is honest and one of his greatest needs is to feel free he is someone you can trust in any kind of relationship. He fights for what he believes and will do anything to achieve it he is stubborn and a perfectionist. . He is attracted to girls which are equally intelligent, mysterious but also girly and when in a relationship they will both need to enjoy time together discovering the world every day will be an adventure but also need to find time alone or with friends. He needs a girl which is both sophisticated but crazy that would also enjoy jumping in the see in winter only with underwear but also enjoy debating and have long dip conversations which they don’t always need to agree with each other . He loves a girl that can listen to poetry, jazz and rock, heavy metal . That sees things in her own way and is original and authentic. They will be organized and a unique cable that will shear the house chores and talk about problems . Someone that every day with her is different .The girl might be full with confident but sometimes shy with him until she opens completely .
sex sexy the forgiver love intelligent dreamer fighter knows what he wants girls Raif
by Warior November 18, 2013
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A retarded assuming that all things in life have family problems.

If you happen to encounter a Raif please shout "Amaani!" As loud as possible for own safety reasons.
Raif is Gay.
Raif X Amaani
by Raif's Daughter In Law May 25, 2019
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