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People from the most exotic island of Cyprus
Hot, independent women who don't give a damm.
by Marilena November 13, 2003
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PEOPLE FROM CYPRUS who are pretty and some are ignorant and gossips but hey every race has their proplem people
cypriots = sometimes nice sometimes pain in the backside
by greekie#1 August 05, 2003
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Cypriots are inhabitants of Cyprus. There are two types of Cypriots: Greek and Turkish.
I met Cypriots when I was in Cyprus.
by Toronaga October 17, 2011
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A person from the island of Cyprus. The most hospitable people on earth. Cypriots have greek origins. They speak Greek and have the same culture as mainland Greece. They are though doomed to live with the Turkish inhabitants of the island. (Doesn't matter, life goes on).
Cypriots are the best around!
by MIALOS ADROPOS April 07, 2005
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