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A person who is beneficent or a good looking young boy
He is a Rahman.
by Urbanmaster4 November 29, 2016
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That one person, who is really shy and and not the man of every girl's dreams but the girls secretly have a burning crush for him...There is just somthing about him...This electricity...His shyness is just empowered by his burning weirdness of consuming love
look at him, he's Rahman
by Remy Jones March 12, 2019
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Can be used to express excitement and shock or simply as an expression indicating somebody should calm down, or in other words, "chill".

Some people use this urban word instead of "Oh my god!" and is usually abbreviated to "rah".
"Oh crap, I just dropped in the road"

"Rah man!"
by Izsy June 07, 2006
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Nice guy, has a big white hairy penis (11 inch). Can do whatever he wants, even fuck ur mom. Is desperate for sex, n has a lot of money, can buy your whole family. The sexiest guy on the planet. Will shove up his BIG WHITE-NIGGER COCK, right up ur girls ass. He loves animals, n loves ur mom
by MARKTRENT February 27, 2019
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the secretion of an oily, or fat gland; specifically, the cheesy oily matter that collects between the glans penis and the foreskin, or around the clitoris and vaginal lips.
Tate: "Oh my god! What is that smell?"
Will: "Probably that guy's rahman."
by Mister Duckworthington July 15, 2013
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