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dark haired and 5 foot 3 with the biggest smile you'll ever see. You'll be enthralled by her silky elegant dark hair. you'll be enthralled as you watch her gracefully glide through your imagination as your day dreaming goes up by 100%. with her fair skin, natural beauty and loving heart you'll fall head over heals just to be by her side. She might be a shy girl on the exterior, however the closer you get the more your heart will be entangled with the shear joy of being around her. like every girl she won't think she's perfect. But unlike every girl a Rafaella always is PERFECT. Perfect Smile, Perfect Ass and lest we forget a Perfect personality. If you have a Rafaella in your life consider yourself one of the most lucky people to walk this earth.

PS. Rafaella's Really like corners.
1)Rafaell -"Hi i'm Rafaella"
GUY - *man proceeds to collapse after hearing her angelic voice*
2) Guy1 - " Man i can't concentrate i keep daydreaming about Rafaella"
Guy2 - " trust me dude i understand the struggle, but at least i'm getting 22hours of sleep a day"
by black St Andrews July 31, 2017
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A beautiful girl that you can never get out of your head. She has silky elegant black hair that is so magical it might not even be real. She has a nice round ass and is extremely GORGEOUS. She is really intelligent and is a total nerd on the inside. She has a loving personality but can also do damage, SERIOUS damage, she could tackle you to the ground in seconds. She is very independent and doesn't tolerate fake people, and she doesn't need any shoulder to cry on. She might be super outgoing, confident, and fun on the outside but she has a heart of gold and is a total softie.
Boy #1: Who is that girl over there?
Boy #2: Oh you mean Rafaella? She is super hard to get!
Boy #1: What do you mean?
Boy #2: You need to be just right to be with her!
Boy #1: I totally would change for her...
by urbandictionaryislit May 01, 2019
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Rafaella is a blond beauty, with a killer sense of fashion and adores philosophy. She is also the sweetest person ever and loves Luisas chocolate cake.
Everyone should have a blond Rafaella in there life !
starger A - man, I wish I had a Rafaella right now!
by lollipopsfromparadise000 April 01, 2012
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