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The most gorgeous person ever.Even though she may be petite she has a large heart and a breathtaking smile. She has the bluest eyes you will ever see! She is super cute and kindhearted, she just has so much love for her friends and family. Raelynn is beautiful. I will never stop loving her, she's the best girlfriend in the whole world <3
That would be Raelynn
by Mr. LuckyBoy July 05, 2011
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an awesome girl who can be the sweetest person you will ever meet! But if you ever cross her, she can easily be the meanest person you have ever meet...that's because she is such a passionate person. Unselfish and always doing for others, can be controlling. Has a natural beauty about her.
Wow, what would we do with out Raelynn?
Raelynn is such a friend.
I love Raelynn!
by cccsmom October 08, 2008
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A beautiful brown eyed girl who will do everything in her power to make everyone around her happy . Although she may be sweet, Make sure u watch what buttons your pushing because if you press the wrong one she's gonna make you wish you was never born.
Hey there's that chick RaeLynn she is so sweet !

Dude did You hear what that RaeLynn did to her ex ?
by Catchmeoutsidehowboutdah May 30, 2017
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Raelynn is a kind hearted girl! Loves to have fun, and make sure it's not you're last! This green eyed beauty is a rare with her blonde hair! She's one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Don't cross her line though she may be the meanest.
Guy 1: Damn!!! Who is that?

Guy 2: She has a boyfreind, &Raelynn

Guy 1: Well I could kick her boyfreinds ass anyday he can pick where too!

Guy 2: Oh really?, Then now...
by jamesfosta1010103214 July 10, 2011
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A complete and total bitch who will try to steal your boyfriend and tries to make you feel guilty about it later. Doesn't have any friends because of how she acts and is. To sum it up: a bitch.
" Who is that? "
" Raelynn..."
" Ohh.... bitch.
by hahaUwillNEVERknow July 28, 2010
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A beautiful blonde girl with green eyes can not be missed by her remarkable beauty who is mostly loved by a large family she is amazing and wins them all over she is kind sweet and loves nature
John:hey is that raelynn
Derick: yeah but don't worry I've been trying for years you wouldn't get her before me!!
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by School vibezzz September 17, 2017
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