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A Beautiful, cute, caring, smart girl, who is loving, not afraid to say how she feels, has the cutest smile. And a funny person, who i will never stop loving, don't be afraid to let her get close to you because as strange as she may seem, she's the best thing in the world.
That Girl is like Raeesa! But no-one's as good as her.
by TomMR666 November 01, 2011
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Childish and immature.
Loves to gossip.
Annoyingly sarcastic at times.
Very dedicated to work.
Has extremely strict parents.
Seems innocent.
Needs to be punished by a motherly figure.
Extremely self-conscious.
Angelic on the outside, but demonic on the inside.
Person1: Hey where's Raeesa?
Person2: She couldn't come.
Person1: Why not?
Person2: Because finals are next week.
Person1: So?
Person2: Hey parents won't let her out until finals are over and she's done studying.
Person1: That sucks! But I still love her.
Person2: Hey she just texted me saying she's gonna hack onto your email and delete all your contacts.
Person1: That demonic little annoyance!
Person2: How did she get your password anyway?
Person1: I HAVE NO IDEA.
by sarhoe December 12, 2010
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somebody who plays a lot of sports and is a bully to most, she uses people like toilet paper to wipe her ass with and flushes dem down the toilet bowl. shes so bad that voldemort aint even got nothin on her! this bitch knows her material and shell use it to her advantage, dont test her strenghts or you gonna get hurt!
man i dont wanna be friends with u no more, u just like a raeesa!
by couldbepurplecouldbepank August 24, 2011
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a name given to someone who is overbearing nd annoying af! shes fake jus like splenda she hurts those who care bout her and dont give a shit for nobodys feelings she dont no how to treat nobody the right way nd she destroy erythang and eryone in her path nd is a revenge seeker. dont get two close to this bitch cuz she gon fuck u up!
1: ayyy what the hell happened to her? she cryin like its the end of the world!
2: a raeesa just came by and fucked wid her feelins. id not want to be the girl who crossed her path!
by nobodymess August 24, 2011
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