Something that is cool, or very neat.
"That movie was rad!"
by Paige October 01, 2002
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it's like saying ΓΌber cool.
talk like a skater from the 80's,
say rad.
by enameline September 11, 2005
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Several definitions given here are correct in connecting the term to radical but incorrect in the date of origin. Being old enough, I can attest that it was used at least as far back as the seventies.
"The Ninja Turtles never invented a single term. To suggest so is not rad but very uncool."
by sammmyz December 01, 2014
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It is rare to use. It's a cool slang word from the 1970s/80s. It means "awesome", "exceptional", "cool". It's something American surfers or skateboarders would say.
by Thomas said January 29, 2020
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1: Something that should be left in the 90s

2: Something to avoid in Fallout
1: Man: That's so rad!

His friend: Die

2: "Shit, I'm getting lots of Rads right now"
by Dodo9879 March 31, 2016
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