A totally rad 80's movie about BMX racing featuring that hot chick from Full House
-Have you seen that rad movie Rad?
-It's totally rad.
by Jared December 18, 2003
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awesome, cool, great, diffrent, nice
Hey Chance you look rad with that new jacket.

That movie we saw lastnight was rad.
by Lady Gretch (gretchen lyn) November 08, 2005
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A more excting way to say 'cool' or 'awesome' mostly used back in the 80's. On the show Full house.
by SuPeRsTePh September 10, 2005
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1. An over-used adjective that people often use when they are trying to seem cool.
2. The cute term for a radish.
1. Dana: Sharon, your shoes are so cute!
Sharon: Yeah, they're pretty rad if I do say so myself.
2. Those rads taste so bitter.
by KellBell955 October 14, 2008
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Computer term: "Rapid Application Devolopment" Software used to devolop software easily and fast. RAD software usually does most of the work for you.
See term 2 of IDE.
Delphi 7 is RAD software.
by Alex January 16, 2004
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An acronym for a medical condition known as "Red-Ass Dick Syndrome". Usually caused by excessive amounts of dry humping, resulting in severe chafing of the skin just below the head of the penis. Sufferers of RADS often experience pain while walking, running, having sex, jerking off, eating, driving, and breathing. The only known cure is to get with chicks who are easy so that you can actually have sex.
Check out Jesse over there. He's gotta walk half bent-over because he got a bad case of RADS Saturday night.
by The Slow Kid May 07, 2006
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