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She is A Classy dark haired beauty with wide expressive eyes that draw those in around her. She’s a sharp dresser for the occasion but would rather be in jeans and a comfortable shirt. Always loving and caring but will not put up with being undercut or lied to. She believes in taking a stand for truth even if the fence sitters scoff at her. She doesn’t tolerate phony, fake, or slandering people who hurt others behind their backs. You would say that she is a black and white personality. If you want a true friend, she is it, as long as you don’t stab her in the back. She is very talented using her music, writing, nurturing, and teaching skills to bless others. She has a true belief in Deity, God, and the truth revealed from His words. Her love of animals is evident in the compassion and care she gives to them. She is intensely loyal and protective to her immediate family. If you want an encouraging, feeling, to the point, passion for life friend then this is your girl.
truth, love, expressive, music, talented,RaNae
by Lady Chevalier 2 February 09, 2010
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A small girl who likes music.
often uses the phrase "whatever floats your boat"
Likes kittens
had a unicorn on the back of her phone
by A teller April 28, 2009
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