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Recreational sex partner: someone who is down to bang whenever and wherever with not emotional attachment
Damn I'm in need of an RSP
by Hannahhhhh22 January 28, 2016
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Short from for "Runescape Private Server". Private servers of Runescape have been out for about 7 years and are still really shitty.
"Come join my rsps?"

"No, it's a clone like every other server. Pickup and get maxed stats in one code."
by Trip2 Lumby3 from FI/TH January 27, 2010
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RSPS is the acronym for a 'RuneScape' (the massive MMORPG by Jagex) Private Servers.

There is an active community of typically Java Developers who have focused their time and energy in recreating the RuneScape gameplay using modified RuneScape 'Clients' (the Program used to play the game) and 'Privately' developed 'Servers' which allow the connections from the Clients which are passed arround.

Typically a RSPS is based on a RuneScape 2 revision 317 which was online Live around 2005, there have been other revisions which are used and the revision number is the basic name coined for use of servers, for instance there are 4 Main types of RuneScape, these are RuneScape Classic, RuneScape 2, RuneScape HD and RuneScape 3.

RSPS are customisable per revision, e.g 317 is ALOT more customisable than a 508 because of how well known the Client has become, people have completely re-written the client in the past to get a better understanding of how the game works. The Client changes with every update so this can take a while for people to understand.

There are a handful of RS3 Servers online and also a handful of 'Real' OSRS Servers, I say real becuase it has become a process to simply dump the data from the newer RS2 (OldSchool RuneScape) and pretty much force it into the Client from 2005 to make use of the new Items, Monsters, Objects and Maps.
"Anybody know of any RSPS online right now?"
"Does anybody know where I can find a list of online RSPS??"
"Can somebody help me add OldSchool RuneScape data to my 317 RSPS?!"
"Does anybody have the real 474 RSPS maps?"
"How can I add Construction to my 718 RSPS?"
by King Ian 1st June 15, 2017
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RSP is the abridgment of RSPortal. RSPortal is a community with almost over 10.000 members.

This word is used on messenger, msn.
Kevin: Hey, are you on RSP?
Geertjan: RSP?
Kevin: RSPortal!
Geertjan: Oh, of course!
Kevin: You playing games on RSP?
Geertjan: Yup, RSP rocks, doesn't it?
Kevin: Yeah.
by KevinTehMeh July 08, 2010
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RuneSuite Prviate Server
I looked on the Private Server aka RSPS website for files to download
by RuneSuite February 13, 2020
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