Short for Racoon City Police Department which was all but wiped out due to the T-virus outbreak
Watch the opening scene in RE3 the RPD just suck in Resident Evil

by darkfoxxe July 17, 2006
a raging porn demon;one who is addicted to porn
Wow, that Jean-Paul kid spends his whole time watching porn. He's such a RPD
by Robert Bowling May 8, 2010
noun: Red Pimple Dick. A Penis with Red Looking Pimples up and down the shaft. Sometimes referred to as a Heat Rocket.
His RPD gave me a different type of STD. The RPD gave me a weird itch on my vagina.
by RPD creator June 23, 2009
Shortened term for Random Play Dance. An event most commonly associated with K-Pop music where a group of fans will gather in an area. Music is then played and changed in quick succession while the fans of the music perform the choreography for each song.
In April 2019, Gotoe - a popular Korean YouTuber organized an RPD in Washington Square Park.
by Rescye May 2, 2019
the most nube gun in MW2 takes absolutly no skill. 3 bullets kills someone and it has a 100 round clip. Takes less skill then a nube tube.
Jon: wow what a fucking nube he killed me on a 24 killstreak with a fucking rpd he should go kill himself
by anonymous 69 hehehehehe June 24, 2010
Literally stands for "Raped Faggot". Used mainly in forums and in mmorpg's to bypass the language filters.

1. Prevalant mostly in the PvP gaming community to describe a player, or a group of players, that got beaten very badly.

2. Used to let someone know that they have been trolled succesfully.
Player 1: "Omg the two of us just wasted all 6 of those dudes, they need to l2p."

Player 2: "LOL yeah RPD FGT."

Poster 1: "Hey everyone look at my build!" (posts build)
Poster 2: "Noob why are you stacking ballistic skill on your knight?"
Poster 3: "rpd fgt"
by FWHO October 13, 2010
RPD&B is an acronym that stands for the newly created term by (Dave Summerz CEO of PokerGodz International.)

Run Pure, Deep & Bink.

The three poker terms above are highly used to describe the good fortune players may experience during a session.

Running pure- flopping sets alot, hitting all your draws on the turn, big pairs holding, winning majority of flips, winning all flips for your stack, winning 90% of 60/40s, winning all your 80/20s, and hitting that A when you get it in AQ to KK late.

Run Deep: To go far in a tournament and outlast most or all players.

Bink: To win or take down a tourny.
I wish u the best of luck RPD&B!
by POKERGODZ November 19, 2016