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On the game platform ROBLOX, a girl or woman who dresses their avatar as slutty or trashy as she can so as to draw as much attention to herself as possible.

The outfits worn by a ROHO usually include the shortest shorts (some look like they’re not even wearing pants), skimpy tops or bralettes, some type of crown, wreath or black branches on their heads, and let us not forget massive, sometimes sparkling wings. Other accessories may include: swords, weapons, and “pets”.

ROHOs make their avatars super skinny and are occasionally seen wearing a black “I’m a Spy” hat with a black bear face mask!

The “ROHO” prides herself on seeking out male players (regardless of their age) and snuggling up to, sitting on or grinding up against them. She is usually attracted to males whose avatars are muscular, dressed wild and flashy, and also have large wings.

ROHOs aren’t particular when it comes to the relationship status of their prey. They prefer males who already have wives or girlfriends, but many single guys have found themselves in the clutches of the ROHO at one time or another.

ROHOs don’t usually stick with one guy, often having multiple “boyfriends” in numerous games.
OMG, did you see that nasty ROHO?? She was all over my boyfriend in the game we were playing last night!
by MysticMoon621 September 26, 2018
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A very classy person, usually rocking sick flow with sick wheels. Get's all the broads easily, and is someone other guys look upto.
Donnie: Eh buddy, check out Roho eh?
Buddy: Oh ya man, I'm aboot to give him a high five.
Donnie: He wont give it to ya eh, you got no flow or wheels.
by SickFlowEh January 05, 2011
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ROHO means to Role out with your hole out. For Men it's BOCO (Black out with your cack out).
It's your bachelorette party; you have to ROHO tonight!
by BOCO Man October 28, 2011
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girls who walk up and down the fraternity row looking to give it up to anything with a cock
I fucked 5 ro hos on 28th st today
by Timmy March 26, 2003
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Your behind. In other words, it's known as a posturier & butt. But not in a good way, no. It means the behind for letting out uneeded gas, also known as fart.
EWWWWW! Do you smell that?! Lumas has just let out a VERY stinky Roho fart. He's a very funny monkey!! XD
by SpencerSC March 05, 2008
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