ROFLZ is similar to ROFL, but with flair. Whereas some would contend the "Z" is useless, others, with intelligence, would contend it accentuates the point in a texting based environment. The others would be right.
1: You beat my high score.
1: indeed
by XKNARF June 26, 2009
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Much like rofl, this is the n00b version. The 'z' means nothing - it is just used 'cuz people think it looks cool.

Often teamed with 'xxx1111eleven1one"
Person #1: "My nipple was pulled of when I was on the receiving end of a nipple cripple"
Person #2: "roflz111eleven1111!"
by Haxor January 2, 2005
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Clever and snarky way to say something caused you laughter - pronounce ROF-FULLS, like waffles, but is actually "Rolling on the Floor Laughing-es".
My cousin had an exorcism, but she couldn't afford to pay for it so they re-possessed her!

Chicken n ROFLz!
by carnalita71 March 11, 2011
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I tripped and face planted whilst eating a fluff sandwich... Looked like the marshmallow man had his way with my face.... the lolz and roflz insued by the onlookers
by Blindleader December 31, 2015
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