You are no fun

The origin of this phrase "you got no jams" comes from korean word "재미 (jaemi)" which means "fun". Jaemi and jams sound familiar, so Rap Monster put jams instead of Jaemi in the sentence making it funnier.

P.S : In korean, "you got no jams" is "너 재미없어 (neo jaemi obseo)"
by borahae7 September 11, 2014
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The highest level of insult possible.
Literally meaning you have no fun. You are a lifeless peice o' shit.
"BTS antis, you got no jams'
by Ji-Leyna January 17, 2018
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If someone says this to you, don't take it as an insult. Think of it this way, a cute, priceless baby that we musthink protecthe at all costs was told the same thing. Consider yourself lucky!!
Some hater: You got no jams
Me: So does Jimin and he is the cutest thing on the fudging planet bish! Ok bye.
by The Jam less Kitty Kat September 9, 2017
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A very terrible insult. If you have no jams, on a scale of Jimin to Namjoon, you are Jimin.
by BinguMarmar August 19, 2014
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It’s an inside BTS joke made by RM and Jimin.

That means that someone is not funny. As you know you can also use it in your Real life cause why not actually.
J-hope: Jimin is very no fun

RM: Jimin?

Jimin: Yea?

RM: You Got No Jams

*instant pain for whole life*
by Ameliaa23 February 1, 2020
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Namjoon said this to Jimin when Hobi was trying to roast him in english
by -Pastel Sushi Roll- February 10, 2021
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