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Skulltag is a source port for DooM 1, DooM 2,
Heretic, Hexen, Hexen: Deathkings of the
Dark Citadel, Strife, TNT, Plutonia,
Plutonia 2.

Skulltag is based on ZDooM and GZDooM,
but still maintains their features like DECORATE,
ACS and OpenGL support.

Skulltag focuses on newschool DooM gameplay,
adding such features as client/server networking,
freelook, jumping, hardware rendering, 3d floors,
models, new gamemodes, bots, and additional mapsets
for Deathmatch, Invasion, CTF,

Skulltag (game mode), LMS, and Duel.

Oldschool Duel, Coop and Survival modes
are also supported. Skulltag also has an
awesome server browser and networking
capabilities, so you can play online even with a
56K connection.

Skulltag has a stable modding community that
creates new maps and mods for all gamemodes,
Skulltag also supports pretty much any wad made
for other source ports.
Currently the most popular gamemodes on Skulltag are
Coop, DM, Team DM, Survival and Invasion.
by Skeletalz May 03, 2011
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A Doom online program so you can play with otha doom players.
Some players are "Ace of Spades, Shadowrunner, Shaikoten, Apothem, Benj, Johnnyrules, Shotgun Steve, Exten, Bob.
by A guy! June 06, 2004
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