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comes from Red Green Blue. Used in computer graphics to represent a color with red green and blue values from 0 to 255.
White in RGB is 255.255.255
by scroll_lock January 12, 2006

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A procedure used in 3d animation packages /Maya, Max, Lightwave, XSI, etc../ used to place bones and controls in a CG character to be deformed.
Who was rigging Gollum in Lord of the Rings?
by scroll_lock January 11, 2006

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abreviation for "Sub-Surface Scattering" Physical phenomena, when light hits surface some of the rays bounce right off, but some get absorbed by the material. This absorbtion is called SSS or subsurface scattering, because the rays scatter in the material. The term is used extensively in Computer graphics nowadays.
Place your hand on a bright lamp. You can see the light goes through your flesh - your hand have sss.
by scroll_lock January 12, 2006

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