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In all embarassing pictures, people either look Retarded, Doped or Bald (i.e) they look RDB! \m/
I look so RDB in this picture.
I am RDB.
by lkchjlkd January 06, 2011
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Acronym for Republican Douchebag.

A person who is not only Republican, but choses to be extremely ignorant and likes to push his or her political views on those around them, whether they want to hear it or not.

RDBs often are big fans of Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh, and they think Fox News really is fair and balanced. They swear Barack Obama was born in Kenya, and they hate all things Obama, including his use of a teleprompter. RDBs often use buzzwords and phrases such as "fascism," "socialism," "The Great Ronald Reagan," and "they tuk our joooobs." RDBs loathe liberals and often refer to Obama as Muslim and by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama, with an emphasis on Hussein.
"That RDB kept saying Sarah Palin was a qualified candidate, but Barack Obama wasn't."

"Rush Limbaugh is a crazy RDB."

"That RDB doesn't even really know what fascism is, but he keeps spouting off about it."
by MBallertown May 27, 2009
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Rectal Data Base. (Pulled it out of your ass)
Those statistics really impressed the boss George. Where did you get them?

I pulled them from the RDB, he'll never check.
by Perisor March 16, 2012
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A code name for a " Random Drunk Beazzy, "
Where are the RDB's at bra brah??

There were dumbass RDBs at that party last night. ( dumbass=alot )
by george tedbetter July 23, 2006
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