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A Downie looking, cult leading, pervert that enjoys packing the fudge of a hamster then posting the details on the internet for his prude girlfriend to read.
That sicko with the chili dog fetish should start a blog so he can be another RATO.
by Vinnie Delpino March 16, 2005
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A person or persons who exhibits hyper nasty, who don't give a fuxk, brutally unpleasant behaviour and acts savagely.

A ratos may speak from a place of power, however it may also come from an average Joe who believes they possess power when they don't.
Josh is moving like one ratos.

This ratos behaviour will not stand.
by debhalnhk;cfcfcfJefaaaaaaaaaaa September 05, 2018
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-It actually should be "AL RATO" as RATO means a lapse of time.

-Word employed to say "See you later" in a very urban (naco) style.
GUY: "OK, 'RATO' (see you later) THEN"
by einschneidend August 25, 2008
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To pull someone's leg or to play a prank on someone.
Girl 1: I feel like doing something fun
Girl 2: Let's rato our friends!!
by Empty98 September 19, 2017
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