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You didn't get the joke, and I won't tell you why! All I'll do is give you this annoying as fuck message to fuck with you because I'm so fucking funny haha! Have fun dipshit, I hope you regret posting that shit lmao!

Oh, you're on YouTube? Too bad, I'm still r/wooooshing you ya moron!

Guy 1: Nein o'clock!
Guy 2: *Nine o'clock, not nein...
Guy 3: r/woooosh
Guy 2: what, I was just correcting him!
Guy 4: r/woosh, dumbass


Guy 1: Is that guy from the future?
Guy 2: Well, no. He's obviously wearing 80s clothes and is holding a flip phone.
Guy 1: r/woooosh that joke flew over your head dumbass
Guy 3: yeah r/whooooosh faggot
Guy 4: r/wooooshwith4os
Guy 2: and into the towers ya fuckn morons I was trying to be helpful
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by WordWorld March 23, 2019

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It's a colour, ok?
Amber is a color.
by WordWorld April 02, 2018

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When you turn on the phone and it starts throwing up tons of notifications.
Me: Let me just turn on my phone in class... no one will ever know
*turns on phone*
*phone starts having notification hangover*
*phone makes loud noises*
Me: shit.
by WordWorld April 21, 2017

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To beat someone so hard that the person will be critically injured and probably dead.
Usage of slam to the grave:

A: You picked the wrong house fool! Leave or I'll slam you to the grave.
B: Shit I'm outta here.
by WordWorld July 31, 2017

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Photophrenia is a serious disorder which affects how people think of photos. Someone with photophrenia may have difficulty distinguishing between which pictures are real and which are Photoshopped.
*sees a photoshopped picture*
Me (with photophrenia): omgwtf giant chickens invaded my home?! Runnnn
*sees a real picture*
Me: nope that looks fake he can't possibly be floating in midair
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by WordWorld July 13, 2017

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