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You didn't get the joke, dude.
Person A: Top 10 anime betrayals
Person B: It's not an anime, dumbass.
Person A: R/ woooosh
Person B: *Looks up r/ woooosh on Urban Dictionary*
Person B: *Sees this*
Person B: Shit.
by FlashwaveXL December 15, 2018

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A spoiled brat who gets her way by throwing tantrums and playing the victim.
Person 1: Hey, did you here about Chloe? Apparently she slapped Sarah and made her cry!
Person 2: Nah, I was there when it happened. Sarah's just being a Candle Queen.
by FlashwaveXL February 17, 2019

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A person who likes dark clothing, graveyards, vampires, werewolves, Halloween, etc. It has nothing to do with being a depressed self-harmer. That's emo, not goth.
Person: Hey, why are you dressed like that?
Goth: Hm? Oh, yeah, I'm a goth.
Person: Oh my god, you're pathetic. I bet you cut yourself for attention. Go fuck yourself. Depressed wannabe bitch.
Goth: Um... I'm not an emo, I'm a goth. I think you have us mixed up.
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by FlashwaveXL January 14, 2019

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Simply a Purchase of Merchandise to support or represent your team, favourite band, Twitch channel etc.

From a comment made on Twitch.tv/chess during the Magnus Carlsun vs Fabiana Caruana match by Daniel Rensch To Robert Hess.
I murchased some Fortnite t-shirts after playing online all weekend.
by FlashwaveXL November 16, 2018

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Desperate and pathetic.
Teacher: *Dabs*
Student: Stop that. You're not cool, you're desperthetic.
by FlashwaveXL March 10, 2019

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