A mixture of rum and cola
They were drunk and fighting so I just sat back and sipped my R&C.
by BoxMunch February 5, 2011
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"Rate and Comment"
A term usually used in YouTube or other video/music sites.
Guy1: Hey I just uploaded a new song!

Guy2: Nice, I'll be sure to R&C.

Guy1: Thanks, Greatly appreciated.
by AgentSlug December 8, 2009
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<R&C> is the rum and coke clan members in game tag.
visit www.rumandcokeserver.com to join the clan!!
hey there is 4 <R&C> members on the rum and coke server now
by Supermoi February 3, 2008
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A R/C car is a radio controlled car, which you can race with tohers
I just raced my R/C car with my friend!
by Kazi May 1, 2002
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Nigga #1-I be from R-Dub-C.
Nigga#2-I be from Sac Town.
Nigga#1-Wets his self and runs away cryin' like a bitch.
by Mojo Maniac July 11, 2008
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