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The last level in the ownageology;
To own, but with more 1337-ness
Levels of own
Level 1: own
Level 2: pwn
Level 3: qwn

I qwned you boy!

Oh that sniper qwned you
by Knight0fDragon September 04, 2006
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Qwning someone is comparable to pwning someone, but at a much greater level. The order of intensity is own<pwn<qwn. Someone who has been qwned has been completely devastated.
Did you see the baseball game yesterday?

Yeah, the away team got qwned, it was 12-0.
by Nibeqwnzort January 16, 2006
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Comming from "to own", "pwn" is the ΓΌber (most elite) word of killing/winning over another player in any kind of game. This word can not just be used in any example becouse "qwning" is so only for the most skilled/lucky players, see example.
"If you play Call of Duty 4 and place a single claymore in a "hot" area and it results in 5+ enymies triggering it and dies from it, that would be fair straight "qwnage".
by stesser February 20, 2008
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qwn:In online gaming/chat, intentional misspelling of wordpwn/word, which is a (sometimes) intentional misspelling of "own". The lowercase "q" is a reversed "p", and reversing letters is word1337/word.
Past tense qwned is much more common.
Oh man, Ts qwn the CTs again!!11

(The terrorists have once more thoroughly defeated the counter-terrorists in a round of counterstrike)
by Sarcastro September 05, 2003
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Own. The leetest way of saying "own", much leeter than the weak "pwn".
Qwned!! ;)
by illumina April 28, 2003
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Not necessarily a more hard-earned or skilful victory, but a much more decisive and thorough smackdown than a standard owning. So-called since it was "easier that beating a queer".

The superb combination of two insults: 'I won you lost' and 'You're a faggot'. This synergy demoralises the loser on several levels.
Jeez that felt like I owned a fag, didn't even break sweat. I declare you officially QWNED.

<gamer1> AHH u caught me reloading!
<gamer2> Yeh u got qwned n00b, catchup
by bootstrap18 August 22, 2006
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