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Qwning someone is comparable to pwning someone, but at a much greater level. The order of intensity is own<pwn<qwn. Someone who has been qwned has been completely devastated.
Did you see the baseball game yesterday?

Yeah, the away team got qwned, it was 12-0.
by Nibeqwnzort January 16, 2006

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In the levels of noobitude, nibe is the highest of them all. A nibe is a complete and utter dumbass and has no chance of succeeding in whatever field they are a nibe in.
Man that guy is such a nibe!

Yeah, he should just quit now before he gets embarrassed.
by Nibeqwnzort January 16, 2006

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A semen sautée is a cooking method involving the placement of semen in a frying pan, whether it be from fresh ejaculation or from previous storage, and the cooking of food in this pan. It is a relatively new method of frying, and its popularity will peak within the next few years.
"I fancy a nice semen sautée for breakfast"
"Alright, how do you like your eggs, sunny side up? Over easy?" (Second speaker procedes to masturbate over a frying pan)
by Nibeqwnzort April 17, 2006

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A shamble dick (also called Shambledick or Shamble-dick) is a pompous git with a superiority complex. He is very lazy, and gets others to do all his work for him. Shamble dicks get agitated at the slightest things and often lash out violently.

Rumour has it that the reason why the Shamble dick is very angry is because his sex life is ruined after his dick was left in a shambles at a young age after an incident involving a toaster.
Graham is such a Shamble dick.

I know, he always makes me do his work.

"Hey shamble dick, you suck!"

(Shambledick has a fit of rage)
by Nibeqwnzort January 19, 2006

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