It's the second layer of clothing you wear to a party when you know it will get hot and sweaty. It can be a fun sexy surprise or just functional clothing to cope with the party heating up.
The bass dropped and she knew it was time layer down to her level 2.
by rebzia June 10, 2020
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Level 2- is more a way of looking at things and instantly comparing them.

The term "Level 2" is actually used as an adjective to describe any situation, because it easily conveys the additional level of intensity, beauty, drama, or awesomeness.
Everyone inherently knows "Level 1" is normal, basic, easy, common, or entry level.

So "Level 2" would just be additional to that.

Now, when you describe a brand new soft pillow as "Level 2," everyone automatically knows it is better normal.

Person 1: My new pillow is Level 2, I just got the best night's sleep.

Or when telling a story about a getting a speeding ticket.

Person 1: Yea, the cop went all Level 2, and gave me 3 tickets. It cost me $500.
by Troublesome654 September 25, 2010
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Also known as “Pipe Dreams”, Level 2 of the Backrooms is made of dimly lit maintenance tunnels lined with pipes, it is often hot and damp.
Level 2 is worse than Level 1, especially for travelers such as yourself.
by MaybeARealWord January 13, 2022
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An orgasim you recieve from an object.
Those sneakers are giving me a level 2.
by Madi October 23, 2006
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A joint/ blunt rolled from several roaches.
" grab those roaches and let's roll up a level 2."
by NEDiamond December 19, 2013
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Modified version of fuckboys that would smash any female OR male that they can get. Usually smash anything with an ass.
Would you be mad if yo son was a lil gay, but still had hella boy and girl bitches.
Nah man, he'd be a level 2 fuckboy. He still got hella hoes.
by Deoneon March 25, 2019
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To describe one's sexual prowess and knowledge of/ability to perform tricks
A: The sex was terrible because s/he's only a level 2 wizard.
B: That's too bad. Hopefully you can teach him/her some tricks.
by hambltonious March 26, 2009
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