A quarter ounce of weed (approx. 7 grams)
Dude, I picked up a quo yesterday... we should go hang out with Dan Kweed.
by FFFrank November 7, 2005
1. Similar meaning or weight to a quote, point, or fact.

2. A quo is a word to appreciate something someone has said to reinforce their idea or argument.

3. A kind gesture in response to clever vocabulary.

-- often accompanied with the word 'fair' ex: "fair quo"
Person A: "I've been thinking about this a lot lately and we should do x because of y and z reasons, what your thoughts?"
Person B: "Ah yes, fair quo..."

Person A: "I don't think he could pour enough gas on the fire of the mess he's in!"
Person B: "touché, fair quo"

Person A: "As Albert Einstein once said, "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." We have to keep trying until we figure this out and strive towards our purpose."
Person B: "excellent quo, let's rock bro."
by gotboompah October 4, 2013
The action of moving with corded electrical equipment, such as power drills, in such a way that your cables do not become tangled, thus allowing you freedom to work.

This comes from the rock band Status Quo who set up their movements on stage to allow their guitar cables to stay untangled.
Hey Dude, our wires are getting knotted again.

Then Get Quoing!
by Minardi July 31, 2006
The lastest fashion scene, cool, able to two step with; Someone who listens to emo/screamo/post hardcore/gospelcore/calexcore music, but is not actually, purley emo/emotional, kind of an easy going, layed back dude head banging worthy hair.
1. Those tight jeans are so quo.

2. Hey, look, it's quo.
by COKEBUB3 November 25, 2006
Latin for "In What Manner", "How", "The Way in Which".

Quomódo expression used by Holy Mary when visited by Gabriel Archangel (Lc. 1,34)
The meaning in English is "How (can that be possible)"

Also used in the great American Punk band The Offspring new song "Trust In You" off their album Rise and Fall, Rage and Grace.
The Offspring - Trust in You

Quo Modo
Shadow to Light
Quo Modo
Shadow to light
Quo Modo
Pull me Up
Cause i am waiting
by ELTANN July 19, 2008