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A whiney or otherwise insufferable individual who is either being a whiney bitch or some sort of inconsiderate douchebag. To be used like the word fag was about someone who wasn't gay but just annoying.
Barry: " I dont want to do that. It'll be too hard."
Doug: " just shut the fuck up and do it already you goddamned kweed"
by Wildbarry June 16, 2019
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In online team based fps, someone who constantly switches teams, to the more powerful side, so as to pad their scores artificially.

Especially when an inherent imbalance may exist, such as a map with the J-10 in Battlefield 2
That kweed is supposed to be US this round! But the fucker switched back to get the J10 again
by theelviscerator August 31, 2006
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