A girl who thinks she's so different from the others, but conforms to all of the popular trends.

Starter Kit:

× starbucks
× chipotle
× nutella
× aeropostale
× forever21
× crop tops
× lululemon yoga pants
× fjallraven kanken bags
× hydroflask
× scrunchies
× checkered slip-on vans
× white converse sneakers
× ugg boots
× iPhone + airpods
× instagram
× snapchat
× selfies
× netflix
Ugh, Avery is such a basic white girl. She's got yoga pants, white converses, scrunchies, and a hydroflask.
by ㅇㅅㅇ; July 15, 2019
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A girl who is "normal" and does whatever all the other white girls do.
Loves Starbucks, Adidas, Pink, Uggs, Birkenstock, and has 50+ Snapchat streaks that they CANNOT lose or they will die.
Boy crazy.
Girl puts a selfie of her with Starbucks on her story.
BOY: "She's such a basic white girl dude!"
by PizzaSavage November 12, 2017
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Basic White Girl. She Has no personality of her own. She will follow any trend on TikTok or instagram You will most likely see a "basic white girl" in a Thrashers crop-top and booty shorts. She will listen to billie eilish and claim to be deeply depressed, whilst hanging her tongue out for likes on the internet.
She's been following every trend, she's such a basic white girl
by Where Is My Juul? August 19, 2019
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A girl who:
*takes selfies 24/7 with only half of her face showing or with the snapchat dog filter
*loves Starbucks
*wears ugg boots
*uses the words actually and literally a lot
*abuses emojis and hashtags
*over obsessed with herself and friends, often times coupled with being clingy as hell
Boy 1: Hey, did you see that new girl Cienna. She's pretty cool right?

Boy 2: Nah fam, she's a basic white girl.

Boy 1: But she's not white

Boy 2: My bad, basic wanna be white girl. But still basic.
by Cynical.skin February 20, 2017
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A girl who religiosly only eats at Chipotle and drinks Starbucks coffee. If she dosn't get her starbucks in the morning don't mess with her.
Alex: Hey you hanging with your girl today?

Trent: No way man the Starbucks near my house moved locations. I can't see her today I'm too young to die.

Alex: Wow sounds serious, good job being cautious bro. Got to watch out for those basic white girls.
by Snoopystheshit March 19, 2015
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An IPhone loving girl who always has a starbucks in her hand and ugg boots on her feet. Shops at Victoria's Secret and takes many filtered selfies. Also owns many pairs of black leggings
"Look at those uggs! She must be a basic white girl"
by motavator1312131 December 30, 2015
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1.) A person that the website buzzfeed writes thousands of articles about.
2.) Someone who reads buzzfeed.
10 things every Basic White Girl loves
25 things every Basic White Girl Can't live without
5 Articles on Buzzfeed every Basic White Girl should read this week
by krazy kaaner October 1, 2014
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