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Basic White Girl. She Has no personality of her own. She will follow any trend on TikTok or instagram You will most likely see a "basic white girl" in a Thrashers crop-top and booty shorts. She will listen to billie eilish and claim to be deeply depressed, whilst hanging her tongue out for likes on the internet.
She's been following every trend, she's such a basic white girl
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by Where Is My Juul? August 18, 2019
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One who has a mania for music.
I am a melomaniac.
by Larstait November 14, 2003
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A girl who thinks she's so different from the others, but conforms to all of the popular trends.

Starter Kit:

Γ— starbucks
Γ— chipotle
Γ— nutella
Γ— aeropostale
Γ— forever21
Γ— crop tops
Γ— lululemon yoga pants
Γ— fjallraven kanken bags
Γ— hydroflask
Γ— scrunchies
Γ— checkered slip-on vans
Γ— white converse sneakers
Γ— ugg boots
Γ— iPhone + airpods
Γ— instagram
Γ— snapchat
Γ— selfies
Γ— netflix
Ugh, Avery is such a basic white girl. She's got yoga pants, white converses, scrunchies, and a hydroflask.
by {β™‘} July 15, 2019
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1. Bad attitude

2. Wears Ugg boots

3. Wears Converse shoes

4. Wears anything that is in style

5. Lives on social media

6. Acts like life is hard

7. Acts older than she really is

8. Takes selfies all the time

9. Lives on phone

10. Thinks she is different but is just another stereotypical white girl

11. "I have a lot of friends"

12. Complains about friends

13. Always knows how many followers she has on Instagram

14. Looks at her own selfies

15. Denies that she is clichΓ©

16. Texts friends instantly, but nobody else

17. Acts better then everyone under her age

18. Gets mad over unnecessary reasons

19. Wears leggings atleast 3 times each week

20. Wears shirts not from her time period that she knows nothing about

21. Has stale/overused quotes as wallpaper on phone

22. Has an excessive amount of selfies with her and her friends on phone

23. Watches whatever is popular on Netflix

24. Drives or wants a Volkswagen Beetle for car

25. Lazy but acts and dresses like she is an athlete
"She is just another basic white girl." -David
"Agreed" -Gillian
by BrainExplosion April 24, 2017
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Lots of selfies

Dog pictures

I love you all over tumblr

Heart emojis

Leggings as pants

Forever 21


Straightens hair even though it's already straight

Instagrams food

Thin ass hair

Uses name was username

Tries to be a photographer by taking a picture and putting an edit over it

Takes picture of legs in a tub

Pretty little liars

Can quote mean girls

Enjoyed pitch perfect

Oh god jess is so white I don't even understand

She just looks like a basic white girl
by Lux the queen January 31, 2014
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A girl who is "normal" and does whatever all the other white girls do.
Loves Starbucks, Adidas, Pink, Uggs, Birkenstock, and has 50+ Snapchat streaks that they CANNOT lose or they will die.
Boy crazy.
Girl puts a selfie of her with Starbucks on her story.
BOY: "She's such a basic white girl dude!"
by PizzaSavage November 11, 2017
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A female who conforms to her surroundings and claims she is unique. She often drinks Starbucks, wears Ugg boots in August, and posts selfies on social networking sites every. single. day. Also uses hashtags that don't have anything to do with the picture itself.
Girl 1: Hey, let's go to Starbucks and wear leggings with Uggs!
Girl 2: OMG YES. We are so basic!
Girl 1: Take a picture! Hashtag yay us, basic white girls, Starbucks, bye, like, what
by burningred1234 December 11, 2013
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