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while playing pro evo, someone who in the face of being completely dominated manages to score a cheeky goal. Normally involving the other persons team. When ever a goal is scored it is customary to shout 'That's a quinner' and to disallow the goal
No way man, that was such a quinner
by lauren quinn March 09, 2008
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Used to describe someone who often flaps out last minute on plans, they are a massive melt and lets the lads down.
They will often disappear or creep out the house without telling anyone.
Person1: Woop, we all ready to go to town boys? Get the drinks in?
Person2: Where's Ben?
Person1: He's just left without telling anyone again, what a quinners, he must of gone to his girlfriends house secretly
Person2: Queef
by 35essexstreet November 15, 2013
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The act of a male ejaculating his semen onto another mans face while at the same time, emptying his fecal matter onto his own free hand and attempting to eat it all before ejaculation is complete.
I heard those two gay guys quinnered last night.


Would you mind if after dinner we quinnered?
by fiyolo December 07, 2003
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Someone who demonstrates decidedly homosexual proclivities, having been masquerading as a heterosexual for many years.
Ian, "Check out the hot girl with Chris!"
Kerr, "No good to him, i hear he's a quinner."
Ian, "Really? I always thought he was straight."
Kerr, "No no, he'e merely been masquerading as a straight man, when in fact he's known to be partial to a bit of cock."
by Funkleroy June 07, 2010
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Idiot. Completey useless twat.
Oi! You Fucking Quinner! what did you do that for?
by Three August 26, 2003
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This is the action of getting a girl in a bed ready for sex then you put you penis in her vagina for 3 second then take it out then get your friend to come in and have sexual intercourse with the girl whilst you sit in the corner of the room masturbating getting stimulation from the sounds of them having sex.
guy1: ahah your so gay you did a quinner
guy2: shhh man just say we put the girl on the spit
by you yes yoy October 09, 2011
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