Girlfriend: It's me or Pro Evo! what's it gonna be?
Boyfriend :...Pro evo

Girlfriend: Your not playing pro evo again are you?
Boyfriend : Yup!

Girlfriend: Ever since you bought that game you never spend time with me anymore!
Boyfriend carries on playing pro evo and ignores girlfriend

by London_guitarist March 10, 2007
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a shortened word of the Video game Pro Evolution Soccer.

Mostly used outside of the U.K
matt: u comin to play some pro evo?

by BoroBoy July 19, 2009
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The feeling of your blood boiling when getting well and truly hammered by an apponent when playing pro evo. It is common for the looser to quite literally loose the plot and launch the pad.
On Wednesday Frost suffered from pro evo rage when he was taken appart by Chaarndler in an epic thriller between United and Newcastle. Frost will argue that United are a better side. Whatever helps you sleep at night big man.
by Chaarndler June 1, 2006
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From humble beginnings as a covert prestige term to describe a type of goal on aforementioned game, this phrase has taken on a life of it's own and now refers to anything painfully obvious, widespread or mainstream.
1. It's Classic Pro Evo to go out drinking every weekend.
2. Arctic Monkeys are now the Classic Pro Evo choice for those with little interest in music. This is not to say it's the band's fault, just a fact of life.
by Taxed & Bailed September 30, 2006
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Coined to describe the easiest goal to score on Pro Evolution Soccer 4 but has now become the term for something which is 'more' than default.
1. Actually scoring a 'Classic Pro Evo'.
2. Brazil is the 'Classic Pro Evo' good footy team.
3. Hulk Hogan is the 'Classic Pro Evo' famous wrestler.
4. Using Charizard, Blastoise and Venusaur in your Pokemon team is 'Classic Pro Evo'.
5. 'Smells like Teen Spirit' is the 'Classic Pro Evo' Nirvana song.
by Josh McNally April 11, 2006
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