Woop is a word. Not just any word, THE word. The word to describe all. All that lives, all that dies. The fabric of the universe, simply pierced and shattered by this one word. This word is most definitely the greatest most powerful invention in all of human history. WOOP IS THE WORD THAT CAN KILL ANYONE AT ANY GIVEN MOMENT. EVERYONE'S LIVES AND OUR PERCEPTION OF THIS ILLUSIVE COMPLEX OF WHAT WE PRESUME AND ASSUME TO BE A MATHEMATICAL BALL OF POLLUTION AND IMPERFECTIONS WE CALL OUR WORLD IS JUST A HOAX. THIS WORLD IS NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO WITHSTAND THIS DIRE WORD!!! WE SHALL ALL BE DEAD IN A MATTER OF... 2,000 years? oh, that's not that bad I guess. Ok, carry on.
Jeff: Woop
Jeff: Doomed the universe
Jeff: Woop
*World blows up*
Jeff: Woop
by Meowmeow9876543210 August 11, 2018
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The sound you make immediately after making loud obnoxious noises such like screeching, screaming, and yells.
by The Chia Pet October 18, 2010
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Synonymous for a long travel, or somewhere that is far in distance
She live in the BX and you know I’m not going over there


That shit is a woop.
by yosko August 29, 2018
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How a female knows when she has started her period. You must bounce up once when you say it, and the quieter the room is when you do it, the better.
"oh man, i gotta change soon..." "but, its only 1:30..." "NOT MY CLOTHS!!!" "wait...but how do you know that you need to change it?" " idk?" "what, is it just like...woop?
by Mr. Nathan March 15, 2009
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The noise Dr. Zoidberg makes while trying to escape (Futurama) normally accompanied by side running like a crab
Hermes: How scared should we be?
Professor: Somewhere between not at all and entirely

Dr. Zoidberg: I call entirely, Woop Woop Woop
by Dr. Zoid June 9, 2010
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An expression designed to express approval, happiness, joy, and/or excitement usually accompanied by a knocking together of the fists with a buddy.
Max: "We got the top number in the housing lottery!"
Owen, Chris, and Aldo: "Woop woop!"
(knocking together of various fists)
by Shiggity Shiggity Shwa February 22, 2003
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