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A crazy, hot motherfuckerr
Damn, she's such a Quinci, gimme some of dat!
by freshbatch December 14, 2008
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A quinci is an amazing person. So many people love her, because she is so kind and lovable. She is skinny, but thicc and has boobs. You can always trust her with anything. She is an amazing friend girlfriend. So many people are jealous of her. She gets told that’s she is hella hot, but she doesn’t think so. She is so pretty, kind, amazing, sweet, basically a freaking blessing!!! Omg you need to find a quinci quick before they are taken. I already found mine and she just the best!! I love her so much she is an amazing girlfriend!
Boy: Omg look it’s quinci!!

Girl: I know everyone wants to be her
by Bts_taehyung October 05, 2018
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