13 definitions by Zak Zennii

An adjective to describe any of truly wonderful thing from Apple.
1. Grape iMacs are mac-a-licious.
2. iPods are mac-a-licious.
3. Attractive people walking around with iPods are mac-a-licious.

4. Apple's intel-based machines are NOT mac-a-licious.
by Zak Zennii January 6, 2006
A pot-pipe with so many parts strung together that it classifies as a Rube Goldberg machine.

A ridiculous must be at least 12" (30cm) from the bowl to the mouthpiece.
Jon spent ten minutes assembling the ridiculous before we could smoke.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
Abbreviation for Pennsylvania.
The individual letters are pronounced seperately, not mixed like a word.
I won't be back from Pittsburgh PA until tuesday.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
A Unix / Linux / BSD Manual page.
Accessed from the console, using the man command.
Dude, read the fricking manpage!
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
The codename for a late-model powermac G4
I have a Quicksilver G4 at home.
by Zak Zennii July 20, 2005
Contraction of You and Ones, Similar in usage and definition to y'all, but local to south-western Pennsylvania, including Pittsburgh.

Alternate spellings:
Are you'nz gonna ride rollercoasters at Kennywood?
by Zak Zennii July 24, 2005
Being prejudiced against prejudiced people.
Kinda like how metadata is data about data, metaprejudice is prejudice about prejudice.
Alice: Girl, I could kill all of these racist bastatrds, I hate them so much.
Barb: Your metaprejudice is showing.
by Zak Zennii September 27, 2006