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A quelch is a vaginal burp similar to a queef. A quelch is common among those that sport gunts and frequently suffer from yeast infections. A wet quelch produces a frothy gelatinous discharge that can be used as substitute for bug repellent. The smell of the quelch ranges between that of rotten rutabagas and orangutan feet. If you encounter a quelch immediately flush all exposed orifices and induce vomiting. Elderly quelchs have been know to cause small dust storms in rural areas.
She quelched so hard she ruptured her gunt.
by Ruprech April 09, 2010
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An awkward interaction when two people encounter each other in public. Each person attempts to move out of the other's way but move in the same direction, failing to judge the other's direction of movement. The situation can often result in deadlock whereby the only way to extricate oneself is to vocalise an apology and agree on each person's continued route.
Even though the pavement was empty, I still managed to quelch with an old man.

That was an intense quelch. We eventually had to agree that I would go this way, and she would go that way.
by btajk May 13, 2018
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A quelch is a major inconvenience caused by any reason.
that rain on Sunday was such a quelch! i wanted to go to the beach.

School is such a quelch.
by credit101 November 10, 2009
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Wiping a plate or bowl after a meal so you can eat every last bit. Can be performed with a finger or bread, etc.
"Stop quelching, this is a posh resturant"
"But it's so damn tasty"
by Stephenx June 08, 2007
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A cross between queef (a vaginal expulsion of air) and a belch (a loud protrusion of air and often small particles from the mouth). As such, a quelch is a loud belch from the vaginal region often resulting in a light spray emerging from this region.
Hannah quelched all over Rainer's face as he went to fellate her, covering his face in an opaque liquid.
by Matt Coolness August 25, 2007
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n/v to fart or pass flachalence
Wow, I never want to be in the car with JackRat when he fishbowls his quelches! Stuff makes me gag...

Sometimes when I quelch whilst sitting with my legs closed, the air bubbles pop thru my thighs...its actually a little humorous.
by laxdallmus4 August 04, 2010
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