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As in Floyd E Queeb a fictional person celebrated by the denizens and alumnus of Northland College on October 28 of each year.
Guy in Nevada: Dude! I can't wait to get my gaiters on and get to Queeb this year.

Gal in Maine: I wish I could afford the trip! Happy Queeb y'all.
by Yojik October 28, 2010
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a person native to the french canadian province of Quebec. generally unintelligent, bad drivers, and all around shat on for being european wannabees.
queeb walks into mcdonalds in the usa.

queeb: can i have the poutine?
cashier: what!? are you a friggen queeb, what the F is poutine. is that some thing that grows in your hairy armpits you french wannabees.
by H-dad April 11, 2007
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when your grandmother is wearing a skirt and flashes her grandson while doing left lifts on Christmas eve
omg I didn't mean to queeb you!
friend- wtf is a queeb

me- when a old lady flashes her vagina
by unicornlovertwinkles April 21, 2018
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Queeb is a common word meshing "Queer" and "Dweeb" to make an adjective that you can use in nearly every situation.
most commonly used to describe displeasure, anger, irritation, or confusion
-Wow cory stop being such a queeb and play me in chell. -"Farrell your being a queeb".
by thatguy29284 November 18, 2010
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A person who sucks the flatulance from a chickens ass postmortem in a effort to get high of released gases.
Look at that fucking queeb stumbling down the street with a dead chicken in each hand.
by Zephirus May 20, 2005
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