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The art of farting whilst having diarreha on the toilet. The result is a shit coated toilet and a brown ass. The thudding sound it makes sounds like a cannon
Person 1: Man I had the worst shit ever today after that kebab

Person 2: Count your self lucky, I had the cannons after eating at that new Mexican place

Person 1: Ahhh gross man, bet the girlfriend had a good time cleaning that
by glassybubbles122 November 15, 2011
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A powerful and unstoppable foosball move that both amazes and astounds the competition.
"Yo Mags, if you keep using the cannon, I'm quitting and going back to the kegger."

Guy #1: "Man, your cannon is unstoppable."
Guy #2: "That's what she said."

"I will beat you with the cannon and you will bow down to me as the greatest foosball player ever!"
by phluke96 September 07, 2011
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The act of taking a large dump in a female`s vagina then proceeding to use your fist and or penis to pack the fecal mass deep inside the cavity.
Jill was feeling very creative last night, so we did the cannon.
by Lando Comando 25 November 26, 2008
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When you see a sexy female and you want to say something but you don't because you don't want to get shot down in front of people or shot down period.

When you freeze up and don't know how to act when you see a gorgeous girl you even start acting a bit nerdy as a side effect.
Girl walks past you, shes the most beautiful girl you have ever seen,then The Cannon comes in where you turn stare smile throw a head nod and then turn around and don't do anything.

Girl walks past sexy as can be, you turn see her and then start rattling off math or scientific terms that pushes her away causing The Cannon.
by KiDLazY April 11, 2011
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When you shoot your cum onto a girl's chest
Wade Booth: My Girlfriend was giving me a hand job for 10 minutes. She bet I couldnt cum.

Lets Just say I gave her the Cannon
by NoongaWoonga June 16, 2011
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