A word used to discribe having no problems with something, often used by muppets like Adam and Nick..... cocks lol.
"I got no quarms with adam boiding us off again.... we're getting use to it nick."
by Jimmy Abbo February 05, 2008
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Stands for QUantitative Anal Retentive Mode. When someone goes into a "zone" of anal retentiveness that surpasses all other anal retentive types of the same nature bordering on the obsessive-compulsive
I see that Lara has started Q.U.A.R.M ing her upcoming wedding. She has made a spreadsheet dividing her savings account into 47 different areas to pay for the reception alone.
by Penguinsonfire July 13, 2008
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A word I imply is used by liberals and lefty do-gooders. I invented it to use when making an impersonation of libeal lefties guardianistas such as road procing inspectors, council tax inspectors and oter jealous liberal do-gooders. It makes the statement it preceeds sound stupider than it already is.
"Quarm! Road pricing inspector. I demand to check your road pricing tag"

"Quarm, I demand to enter your home to snoop for improvements and raise your council tax accordingly!"
by Wattsie April 10, 2007
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